Getting Started With SegMate - Pt. 4


By Chielou Guitche

updated over 1 year ago

In this video we will discuss how to Segment and manage your existing Subscribers.

Step 1: Go to Subscribers > Subscriber Management.

Note: Each of your fan pages has set of subscribers. You can view each of your subscribers down to the individual level whenever you click their row.

**You can manage, remove and add the tags, sequence and segment. You can unsubscribe them as well.

**You can also do exact in bulk action.

We can create a filters and it becomes important when you are trying to deliver messages about specific types of content. We have multiple filters to use, we have:

  • Tags
  • Sequences
  • Last Interaction
  • Last Interaction (24 hours)
  • Last Sent
  • Segment
  • Gender
  • Subscribed
  • Locale
  • Custom Audience

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