Yes, the world of bots is great and before your eyes glisten with glee. When you see up to 88% open and 56% click-through rates. Yes, it is true and it can happen to you... But you need to understand Facebook™ ToS and how to Sponsered Messaging Ads if you plan on using this for promotion. Click Here to learn more about that...

But keep yo bots clean... I mean email has turned to crap because of spammers... And do you really want to be labeled as a spammer?  I do not think so and really Facebook™ will not let you get away with it for long... So make sure you understand FB™ policy and ToS as well as you can.

But to keep it simple just provide your list valuable content every-time you blast out a bot or two...

Here are 4 simple steps that will keep you from ever becoming that dirty little SPAMMER!

  1. Check yourself before you wreck yourself... What I mean here is do you open your bots with questions? Or do you go for the jugular? You should always open up with a question... Not a buy my stuff text and button... You need to start out with an open-ended question. Like a "Yes" or "No" Question. Because of the now 24 hour rule it states every time someone engages with the bot that it starts over.
  2. Think natively like a Native add as they are more content-based and lead people to a blog post. In that blog post make sure it has something to do with the product you are selling. The post could be a review on a type of product or a consideration or a what to get for so and so during a special event. Then you can add your own ads in the post as well as a link to other offers from there.
  3. Do not Spam if you think it's spammy then odds are it's spammy... 
  4. We are the bots who saves the day... Every-time!! Ok, so here you need to add what I call unsubscribe bots. What are unsubscribed bot and how to I build them... I'm glad you asked. So below I have made a tutorial on how to do this.

In this video, I will show you how to build and set up your Unsubscribe bot from the inside of SegMate.