NOTE: You must first add to your whitelisted domains in the Settings->Whitelisted Domains area. This will allow the checkbox to render on the "Create" and "Edit" checkbox pages inside SegMate.


In the past, if you wanted to use the Checkbox Subscriber Tool within certain page builders like Click Funnels. Well... we have created a tutorial that will show you how to use the checkbox plugin with Click Funnels and other similar Page Builders! You can watch that tutorial here:

Step 1: Go to Subscriber Tools.

Step 2: Click Checkbox

Step 3: Create Checkbox

Note: You are allowed up to 50 domains per Fanpage. Subdomains must be whitelisted separately. The page you are hosting these types of tools on MUST be secured with https:// protocol. 

**You can add your domain here:

Step 4: Enter all the details and click SAVE.

Step 5: Select Chatbot

Step 6: Copy and paste the Header, Html, and Action Script to your page source.