Step 1: Go to Subscriber Tools > Send to Messenger and click Create Send to Messenger.

Step 2: Enter the required field and click save.

Step 3: Select chat engage bot and copy then paste the header script code and HTML script code to your page source.

Update (12-18-18)

You can now choose from 21 different Call To Action text choices that will appear on the Send To Messenger plugin. See the list below:

  • Get This In Messenger
  • Receive This In Messenger
  • Send This To Me
  • Get Customer Assistance
  • Get Customer Service
  • Get Support
  • Let Us Chat
  • Send Me Messages
  • Alert Me In Messenger
  • Send Me Updates
  • Message Me
  • Let Me Know
  • Keep Me Updated
  • Tell Me More
  • Subscribe In Messenger
  • Subscribe To Updates
  • Get Messages
  • Subscribe
  • Get Started In Messenger
  • Learn More In Messenger
  • Get Started