Note: You must have an active SegMate subscription & Agency Account to use this feature. If you do not have an Agency account, click here to purchase.

Step 1: How you get through this account is under settings. Click "Agency" then click "Create Sub Account".

Step 2: You will be redirected to "Add Sub User". There are 2 Account Types. 

  • Client Account
  • VA Account

Client Account allows your Client to log in to SegMate and allow them to view the dashboard Reports. Clients do not have access to any other features of SegMate. Please fill out all the required fields and click submit.

Note: You can do multiple pages so you can have access to these fan pages. Don't forget to email your client the log-in page, the email used, and the password.

Step 3: Make sure that this is active.

VA Account is very similar to the Client account. It allows your team members access to all SegMate features EXCEPT they will not be able to access the billing view.

Note: You can go back and edit or delete. You can also add or remove some fan pages.