Hey, there did you know FB only allows you to upload a maximum file of 100mb?
** Update FB now only allows 25MB for all files including video**

I thought the same thing and how long as a 100mb now 25mb. Well, it all depends on the compression of the video so not all videos are created equal. So now you may have to lower the quality to 720p or 480p size.

If you use services like Camtasia or Adobe or any of the great video editing software is your output will end with a larger than needed file. 

This is why you will see longer uploads to services like Vimeo and YouTube because they take your video and they compress it so it saves load times and server performance when you first upload a video.

However, you're not in the same environment when you use Facebook™ messenger. So here is my fast fix for you when that happens.

I'm recommending https://clipchamp.com/en/pricing/compress-record They have a free version and they are super simple to use.

They give you 5 free uploads and downloads per month for free and if you need more than 5 they have a low-cost plan for unlimited use.

I hope you find this helpful as I did. Now get out there and start filming today.

It is one of the most engaging ways to communicate with your prospects and customers.

To Your Success,
Karl :)