One of our biggest-highest requested features is now live. And that is the Share-A-Bot link builder. We did not spare much to this idea and loved the fact that now people can share their bots with others.

With that, we are excited to bring you the Share-A-Bot link builder and tutorial.

Here are the steps if just to take a quick look.

1. Go to Chat Engage Tab in the Navigation area. Click the ChatBot List.

2. Click on the Share button.

3. Name your link title and description. Turn on the link making it shareable. Copy the link and click the save button.

4. Share it with your SegMate buddy.

5. Here is what it looks like and what are the areas mean for the person you are sharing it with.

They will want to click the "ADD BOT INTO YOUR ACCOUNT" button.

6. Then choose which Page you want to add it to.

7. Choose that you are sure this is the right page you want to connect this bot to.

8. Then open up the bot and open up settings. Re-Name it and make any changes to the message type. Remember our system autosave so just close it out when you are done and make edits and change Tags etc.

Pretty simple to do. We are excited to see some of you sharing your bots with your community.

This is going to be great for content creators, influencers who have communities who like to share their knowledge with.

Enjoy and share away!