Step 1: To access this, simply go to Chat Engage then click Create a Bot, enter a bot name, and group. Then select your Message Type and click Start.

Note: Group is optional.

Step 2: Create a Message and Button then choose an action for your button. You can also insert elements such as:

  • Text - A maximum character count of 500 characters is allowed.
  • Image, Card, Gallery - You can add an image to your message. A total of 10 slides are permitted in a Gallery Element.
  • Video - The maximum size of video you can upload is 25MB.
  • Files - You can add downloadable files to your Bots. The accepted file types are: .pdf, .ppt, .pptx, .pptm, .doc, .docx, .docm, .zip
  • Audio - You can upload any .mp3 or .wav audio file.
  • User Input - You can gather more information about your subscribers with the "User Input" block. Such as phone numbers, emails, addresses, etc. Note: First, you need to set that up on Custom Field under the settings.
  • Delay Typing - This element is designed to make your subscribers feel they are talking with a human.

Note: Buttons are used to send responses while Quick Replies are buttons that provide users conversational engagement with your bot.

Step 3: Edit your Button Title. When choosing an Action for your button, you can perform the following:

Send Message - You can send the user to another flow of messages.

Open Website - It allows you to enter your URL. Users will be redirected to your website.

Call Number - When a user clicks this they will dial your business number.

Perform Actions - It will create an action block where users can unsubscribe.

Launch New Bot - You can launch a new bot from your Chat Bots list.

Update 7-17-19

Gallery Element
You are now only allowed 10 slides in a Gallery Element. It used to be 11 but has now been changed to 10.

Update 04-03-20

Text Element

The maximum character count allowed is only 600 for your Text Element. It used to be 2000 if your Text Element does NOT have a button present. If a Button is present, you are allowed 640 characters. But has now been changed to 600.