The answer to this question is, Yes!

However, there are just a couple of things you need to know when duplicating a Bot.
Within SegMate, each Fanpage has its own set of Bots, Tags, Sequences, Subscribers, etc... This means assets are NOT shared across different Fanpages.

When you duplicate a Bot from one Fanpage to another, the Bot structure (Message elements such as Text, Image, Video, Cards, etc..) is duplicated to the chosen Fanpage. However, any "Additional Actions" such as Tags, Sequences, Segments that applied to any of the Call-To-Actions (buttons & quick replies) are NOT duplicated, they are removed from the Bot.

We do this because Tags, Sequences, and Segments may not exist within the Fanpage you have duplicated the Bot and therefore would not work.

Duplicating Bots can be a time-saver in the sense that you do not have to re-create the "funnel" or structure of the Bot itself, however, you must apply any "Additional Actions" to your Call-To-Actions within the duplicated Bot.

This is phase 1 of a larger plan. In the future, we will be introducing the ability to "Share" Bots, not only across Fanpages but with other SegMate users as well. Once this functionality is released (no release date set, we will update our users once released) and a Bot is "Shared", SegMate will automatically create any "Additional Actions" that are applied to a duplicated Bot within the Fanpage is "imported".

Watch the video below for more information: